Friday, February 23, 2018

23 February 2018 - Friday evening

The roads were impressively clear after the snow.  East river road trail was even wider than yesterday, though there were still some narrow places, and I had to negotiate with a walker at one of them.  Franklin Bridge entrance was impassable again because snow was piled up and the bike lane was about 1 foot wide in spots due to piled-up snow.  East of West of there, the bike lanes were better than this morning, but still sketchy mostly because it was dark and I couldn't always see the snow piles 'till I was right there.  The local roads from the Seward Coop were not great, but surprisingly good under the circumstanses.  The 29th and Greenway crossing had not been plowed so I took 30th.  Otherwise fine, 'till my alley which had been plowed but was still not great, and my driveway which sucked.  Somebody needs to shovel that.

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