Friday, February 23, 2018

23 February 2018 - Friday Morning

It snowed last night and so this morning's commute sucked.  I should have walked from my house to Lake but I peddled instead and that worked ... barely.  I took this as my clue to stay off the side streets I normally use.

Lake street had been nicely cleared and 31st Ave  was mostly good.  The Franklin bike lane had obviously been plowed, but it was still unusable because of all the snow.  Were people putting their sidewalk snow in the street?  That'd be illegal.

Riverside had problems for two reasons; most of the blocks of bike lane were impassable because of snow and even some where the bike lane was clean, motorists were driving in the bike lanes because they didn't want to get too close to the median -- snow had effectively made the roadway narrower on the left side too.  Some blocks' bike lanes were cleaner than others and I suspect that the difference, like on Franklin, was people dumping sidewalk snow in the street.

The U was mostly very good, except that the section of bike lane between the Mall and Church is getting awfully narrow.

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